Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station

Location: Town of Greece, Monroe County

Size: 10 acres

Description: This preserve is the permanently protected home of the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory (BBBO), an internationally recognized bird banding research organization that has been studying migratory songbirds on this site since 1985. This property is recognized as part of a major bird migration stopover area.

Trail Description: On the eastern side of the property, a short (.2m) walking trail is open to the public.

Public Access: The property north of the hedgerow is open to the public throughout the year but with the following stipulation: Closed during spring (April 15th to June 8th) and fall (August 15th to October 15th) migration, when BBBO conducts the majority of its scientific research, we would ask you to stop by the Observatory building for a guided tour of the property

Photos by Charly Eisman and Genesee Land Trust staff

History: The land was donated by William Kaiser to Genesee Land Trust in 1999. BBBO leases and manages the banding station. Learn more about BBBO on their website here.ο»Ώ

Getting There

Driving Directions: From Lake Ontario State Parkway, follow Manitou Beach Road (Route 261) north, then turn left onto Braddocks Avenue. Look for "Genesee Land Trust" and "Braddock Bay Bird Observatory" signs at the end of Braddocks Avenue (prior to it turning into 3rd Street). 

If the parking lot is not open, park along the southern edge of Braddocks Avenue.

Approximate Address of Parking: 10 Braddocks Avenue (open during banding season only)

GPS Coordinates: 43.323367,-77.71736