Genesee Land Trust staff photo

It all starts with the land. And you.

Natural lands serve many purposes. They provide homes for birds and butterflies and other wildlife that captures our imagination. They enable farms to feed us. Embrace the scenic vistas that inspire us. Supply the clean water that is vital to our rivers and lakes.

Nature is good for people, too.

With natural lands open for everyone, there are places to get outside, exercise in the fresh air, and experience the many ways that can be good for you and your family – reducing stress and improving health, while having fun.

Farmland feeds us all.

Fertile farmland sustains us with the food we need and supports our local heritage and family connections that have prospered over centuries. Farm soils can take thousands of years to develop, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

A healthier planet benefits everyone.

Trees clean the air, and together with wetlands, help to control flooding.  Natural lands help to ensure clean water needed by humans and wildlife. A mix of habitats provides homes for wildlife and creates a healthy environment. 

Genesee Land Trust is committed to the land we conserve beyond our lifetimes and for the benefit of future generations. We create nature preserves, trails, and parks that are open for everyone to enjoy, and we commit to uphold permanent conservation agreements on privately owned lands that benefit your community and environment.